The Mission Statement of the Generali School of Literature and the Arts

The Generali School of Literature and the Arts is dedicated to providing the
children in its care a literacy-rich environment while integrating the arts and play into
the daily curriculum.  It is the school’s intent to provide learning experiences that will
position children for future academic and social success.
Providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of the children
Creating a space where children learn best through play
Building children’s enthusiasm for reading through daily encounters with literature
Exposing children to the arts (art, music and movement) so that they develop an appreciation of the arts at a
young age
Preparing children for kindergarten by closely following the Connecticut Early Learning and Development
Providing enriching experiences where children can make discoveries about the world in which they live

A small sampling of what you may see throughout the year to support our mission statement:
children listening to various composers to learn music appreciation
young scientists planting seeds and watching flowers grow
mathematicians arranging and stacking blocks
family reading nights for parents and children to celebrate the joy of reading
studying the works of various authors and artists and using them as models
children learning the importance of staying healthy while practicing yoga
guest speakers visiting to speak to parents on important child issues
artists experimenting with different forms of media to be showcased at the annual art show
1625 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury, CT. 06762
The Generali School of Literature and the Arts
an Innovative Early Learning Center
serving children 6 weeks to preschool